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"Heart warming stories! I laughed, I cried, truly amazing. I recommend Michael's books to anyone who is need of more positivity and purpose in life." Review

Author Signed Books
The Mount of Olives
My Book

Combining courage, faith, wisdom and wonder into an inspiring tale of self-discovery, The Mount of Olives takes readers for an emotional ride through the life of a boy whose search for better becomes a discovery of something extraordinary.


Michael Ivanov's masterpiece tells the story of Felix, the Roman boy who despite all opposition, yearns to gain a worldly treasure. His journey will lead him to riches far different—and far more satisfying—than he ever imagined. Felix's quest teaches us about the essential wisdom of listening to our hearts, of recognizing opportunity and learning the golden principles strewn along life's path, and, most importantly, to follow our dreams.

Through his journey, he learns the following principles to Extraordinary living:

 1. "Words spoken, set life in motion."

 2. "Live with the end in mind."

 3. "In all things, be filled with gratitude."

 4. "Each day, give of yourself more than you ever have  before."

 5. "Blame no one but yourself."

 6. "Develop a burning desire."

 7. "You must take action."

 8. "Always persist."

 9. "You are a creature of habit."

 10. "Love will set you free."

 11. "You must choose to believe!"

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The Traveler's Secret 

The Traveler’s Secret offers an ancient story of one man’s choices - and the principles that make the difference between failure and success. In this fable about following dreams, Michael V. Ivanov's latest masterpiece reveals the journey of Agisillus, a vagabond in ancient Gaul, and his extraordinary encounter with a mysterious traveler.

This book reveals secrets to living an extraordinary and purposeful life, amassing personal wealth, and leaving a legacy that continues to sow seeds of life into the world. It shares the ancient proverbs of the wise and the foolish and teaches the universal laws of prosperity.

The principles are revealed as proverbs written in the following four scrolls :

 Scroll 1: The Cultivation.

 Scroll 2: The Burial.

 Scroll 3: The Resurrection.

 Scroll 4: The Harvest.


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The Servant With One Talent 

To bring your dreams and desires to fulfillment, you must invest in your talents. This book shows you how to become successful and live with purpose by sharing the secrets hidden in an ancient parable that holds the universal laws of prosperity. 


The Servant with One Talent is an instant classic that holds the key to all you desire and everything you wish to accomplish. Through the story of the unprofitable and lazy servant in ancient Babylon, Michael V. Ivanov provides a unique perspective on the classic parable of the talents. This book provides concrete advice for creating a successful and purposeful life while fulfilling your destiny and becoming the person you were created to be. While many people are burying their dreams, talents, skills, and abilities in the desert, like the unprofitable servant did at the beginning of this story, the successful are investing in their skills, talents, and abilities.

1. "To each, according to his abilities it is given."

2. "A talent buried is a talent lost."

3. "Do not concern yourself with your neighbor's wages."

4. "The time is now."

5. "Those who have, more will be given, those who have not, what little they have will be taken from them."


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The Cabin at the End of the Train

Author Michael V. Ivanov beautifully blends true events from his personal life with fiction and allegory in an entertaining and inspiring instruction manual for better living. 

From a chance meeting with a remarkable old man by the name of “Carl,” a mysterious WWII veteran who shows up on the train at just the right time, The Cabin at the End of the Train provides 12 priceless lessons about purpose, life, and the importance of perspectives. 


The Cabin at the End of the Train will provide you with:

  • A better understanding of life’s challenges and proper perspective for tackling them

  • Practical yet powerful methods of motivation, encouragement, and resolve for those struggling

  • A fresh and insightful perspective on how people can change their view of the world, find strength, and move beyond their problems

  1. “Sometimes the things we run from are the very things we should be moving towards”

  2. “Your eyes are the window through which the soul sees the world”

  3. “You will feel afraid and unqualified”

  4. “You will be pulled in all directions”

  5. “Sometimes all we need is a little perspective”

  6. “Don’t wait to be discovered”

  7. “You’ve got to believe it in!”

  8. “Faith without action is dead; action activates miracles”

  9. “When your feet are planted on solid ground, the sky is the limit.”

  10. “When your heart breaks for those less fortunate than you, you can be entrusted with diamonds”

  11. “Life is happening with or without you”

  12. “Allow yourself to be moved emotionally”

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The Cabin at the End of the Train
This Is Why I'm Here

In a world filled with distractions and uncertainty, "This is why I'm Here" is Michael's guiding light to help you uncover your true purpose and embark on the transformative journey towards realizing your dreams. This inspiring, story-packed, and practical guide is your companion on the path to personal fulfillment and success.

Are you feeling lost, trapped in a routine that doesn't resonate with your deepest desires? Have you been yearning for a more meaningful and purposeful life? If so, Michael understands you because Michael has been there. 

Michael's 5th book "This is why I'm Here" is not just a book; it's a personal conversation with Michael. Whether you're a recent graduate uncertain about your career path, a mid-career professional seeking greater purpose, or someone simply yearning for more fulfillment and in need of some positivity, this book is a light-hearted but powerful manual that will empower you to unlock your full potential and pursue the life you were meant to live.
Embark on a journey of self-discovery, purpose, and passion today so you, too, can finally say, "This is why I'm Here."

  1. “Believe in Yourself”

  2. “Believe in Others”

  3. “Dream Big”

  4. “Never Ever Give up”

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"I have to say I’m am absolutely astounded with your book. I got back home from the event and started reading once the kid and the lady went to bed, I couldn’t put the book the down, I ended up reading the whole book in one sitting. The message was weaved into the story so perfectly, each chapter just didn’t  seem like it was enough for the soul. I laughed, I cried, truly a moving story." – Rated: ♥♥♥♥♥

The Cabin at the End of the Train
In the press
“The book opens with a gripping scene of verbal attack, dropping us right in an engaging scene and establishing our main character. We get a sense of his role in life, and author uses an expert hand at illustrating the brutality of punishment. Intrigue levels are high.
Author does a spectacular job with scenery, imbuing the setting with experiential sensory details. We get a sense of the earth, of air thickness, the sparkle of stars – all work to ground the reader in the scene. Very well done. Dialogue shines, as author has differentiated characters’ voices and backgrounds. I enjoyed the description of the pirates as ‘unruly farmers with knives,’ as one example of the author’s great talent for physical description. Pace carries us along well, avoiding any lull in the middle of the book, and using transitions between chapters to create a fine cadence and structure. Well done.
Haziq is an effective teacher and protector, one of the most well-rounded characters of the book. The ending is gorgeous, with the barefoot run through the olive groves, conveying movement, texture, and freedom. Very well done."
– Writer’s Digest

Michael's Story

Michael was born in Soviet Russia and came to the United states at two years old with his parents and siblings as a political refugee.


He is the grandson of a ‘Siege of Leningrad’ and Dachau camp survivor.

Today, Michael is an author and a speaker, sharing his experience in will-power, mindset, and motivation, to inspire others to “Stay Alive All Your Life."



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