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The Mount of Olives takes readers for an emotional ride through the life of a young Roman boy whose search for better becomes a discovery of something extraordinary.

Through his journey, he learns the following principles to Extraordinary living:

 1. "Words spoken, set life in motion."

 2. "Live with the end in mind."

 3. "In all things, be filled with gratitude."

 4. "Each day, give of yourself more than you ever have  before."

 5. "Blame no one but yourself."

 6. "Develop a burning desire."

 7. "You must take action."

 8. "Always persist."

 9. "You are a creature of habit."

 10. "Love will set you free."

 11. "You must choose to believe!"

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Michael's NEW Release! 

The Traveler’s Secret offers an ancient story of one man’s choices—and the principles that make the difference between failure and success. In this fable about following dreams, Michael V. Ivanov's latest masterpiece reveals the journey of Agisillus, a vagabond in ancient Gaul, and his extraordinary encounter with a mysterious traveler.

The principles are revealed as proverbs written in the following four scrolls :

 Scroll 1: The Cultivation.

 Scroll 2: The Burial.

 Scroll 3: The Resurrection.

 Scroll 4: The Harvest.


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Available in Print, eBook & Audio book

What people say

"I have to say I’m am absolutely astounded with your book. I got back home from the event and started reading once the kid and the lady went to bed, I couldn’t put the book the down, I ended up reading the whole book in one sitting. The message was weaved into the story so perfectly, each chapter just didn’t  seem like it was enough for the soul. I laughed, I cried, truly a moving story." – Rated: ♥♥♥♥♥

Michael's Story

Michael was born in Soviet Russia and came to the United states at two years old with his parents and siblings as a political refugee.


He is the grandson of a ‘Siege of Leningrad’ and Dachau camp survivor.

Today, Michael is an author and a speaker, sharing his experience in will-power, mindset, and motivation, to inspire others to “Stay Alive All Your Life,” using 11 of life’s most valuable principles as written in the story from his book.

In The Press
“The book opens with a gripping scene of verbal attack, dropping us right in an engaging scene and establishing our main character. We get a sense of his role in life, and author uses an expert hand at illustrating the brutality of punishment. Intrigue levels are high.
Author does a spectacular job with scenery, imbuing the setting with experiential sensory details. We get a sense of the earth, of air thickness, the sparkle of stars – all work to ground the reader in the scene. Very well done. Dialogue shines, as author has differentiated characters’ voices and backgrounds. I enjoyed the description of the pirates as ‘unruly farmers with knives,’ as one example of the author’s great talent for physical description. Pace carries us along well, avoiding any lull in the middle of the book, and using transitions between chapters to create a fine cadence and structure. Well done.
Haziq is an effective teacher and protector, one of the most well-rounded characters of the book. The ending is gorgeous, with the barefoot run through the olive groves, conveying movement, texture, and freedom. Very well done."
– Writer’s Digest


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