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THE TRAVELER'S SECRET: Ancient Proverbs for Better Living


The Traveler’s Secret offers an ancient story of one man’s choices - and the principles that make the difference between failure and success. In this fable about following dreams, Michael V. Ivanov's latest masterpiece reveals the journey of Agisillus, a vagabond in ancient Gaul, and his extraordinary encounter with a mysterious traveler.

This book reveals secrets to living an extraordinary and purposeful life, amassing personal wealth, and leaving a legacy that continues to sow seeds of life into the world. It shares the ancient proverbs of the wise and the foolish and teaches the universal laws of prosperity.

Author Michael V. Ivanov provides concrete advice for living a wise and purposeful life.

The four scrolls:

  • The Cultivation
  • The Burial
  • The Resurrection
  • The Harvest

The Traveler's Secret

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  • 250+ bought in past month